Amazing macro photography on a smartphone

A young 20-year-old photographer from India, Sasi Kumar, uses his smartphone to capture stunning macro shots. He shoots mostly insects, but his Instagram profile shows his creative mindset being applied to different genres.

The hidden world

Sasi pays attention to the things which most people don’t even notice. Macro photography on a smartphone can be even trickier than on a regular DSLR or mirrorless camera due to limited technical capabilities.


Bizarre creatures on Sasi’s macro shots look even more creepy!

Gear for macro photography

Photographer’s macro equipment according to his Instagram account contains two smartphones: OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Also, there are various macro lenses such as Lensbong Prosumer Indo (according to the story we found in a photographer’s Instagram account, most likely the name of the brand who make the lenses is Apexel)

Mobile editing software

Sasi edits his shots in Adobe Lightroom (available for iOS and Android) and Snapseed (iOS and Android version accordingly). He shares the techniques of the post-production process in Instagram TV

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Keep in touch

Make sure to follow Sasi Kumar’s account on Instagram, there a lot of beautiful macro images along with other great pics!

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