iPhone 11 Pro used to create a commercial

A while ago Apple released a commercial filmed by Hollywood director David Leitch. It’s an epic snowball fight shot on iPhone 11 Pro. A great demonstration of camera capabilities and creative approach make this short movie really epic!

The video was completely done with an iPhone 11 Pro. The spot called “Snowbrawl” contains extensive action scenes as well as dramatic sound design.

The most famous David’s works are John Wick (producer, he was also an executive producer of John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ) and Deadpool 2 (director). Apple definitely knows what kind of people they need for their marketing campaigns.

Behind the Scenes


BTS shots are even more exciting to watch especially for photographers and film makers. As you can see in the video below, there were envolved a relatevely large team to make things happen.

Also as you can see in the BTS video, they mounted iPhone with a mentioned grip to various surfaces and objects to create unique camera angles. Interesting to notice that we don’t see any third-party lenses or ND filters, meaning the entire movie was shot on built-in camera.


For certain scenes they used Freevision VILTA-M handheld stabilizer. 

For most scenes they used the handheld rig Beastgrip Pro

It’s a pretty versatile modular rig system which you can setup for your own purposes. 

Lighting units on the image below –  ARRI 650W or their more powerful variants. Most likely it’s being used as a fill lighting as it pointed to a large white panel behind the group of people. Basically such setup creates nice even light source with very soft shadows which could help to lit more details.

Sometimes a simple sheet of styrofoam helps to lit the models or actors faces if you shoot on a sunny day outdoor. Lighting conditions are really important regardless of how good the dynamic range of iPhone camera is.

In the video David stated that they used 4K resolution and 60 FPS mode on iPhone to create nice slow-motion scenes. 

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