Lady Gaga has released the music video shot on iPhone 11 Pro

Apple has released another video, the product of collaboration with a pop-star singer Lady Gaga. Though this video radically different from what they’ve done in the past (check out “Snowbrawl” commercial by David Leitch) both from technical and visual points. This time there was involved heavy post-production, including motion-tracking techniques, CGI, sophisticated camera movements.

It seems like an overwhelming amount of video being produced in a studio environment except for a few moments. Demonstrated scenes look surrealistic and obviously comped in during post-production. You can also spot highlights in sunglasses of artists.

Apple hasn’t released a full behind the scenes video yet, but I hope they’ll do it soon. They only mention “Shot with the Filmic Pro app. Additional hardware used. Professionally edited” at the bottom of the video. We can only guess what kind of equipment was used, but I assume a lot fo various things including gimbals, sliders, jibs and so on.

I’ll be patiently waiting for any updates from Apple to see BTS video. How do you like the clip by Lady Gaga by the way? Let me know in comments.

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