Xiaomi partnership with Hasselblad?

A few days back, Chang Cheng, a new vice president of Xiaomi, has published a poll on a popular Chinese platform Weibo

He asked users which company should collaborate with Xiaomi for developing cameras in their smartphones. The results are quite interesting.

There is nothing new under the sun

There are various examples of collaboration between camera producers and smartphone manufacturers. Back in 2005, Nokia has worked with Carl Zeiss to make their famous Nokia N90, one of the first smartphones with 2 Mpx camera.

Moto Z has a special Hasselblad True Zoom module which allows you to transform a smartphone to a compact camera with 10x zoom and some other cool features.

Seems time has come for Xiaomi to take steps toward this area as well. Marketing race for megapixels, lens quantities and zoom distance has begun long ago, but now due to extensive technological development is taking to another level.

Canon, Nikon and Hasselblad were among the options. Also, there was a “no need” variant. Xiaomi fans have chosen Hasselblad as the desired company (around 2000 votes, twice as less for Canon and 300 votes for Nikon. Over 1000 people think that Xiaomi doesn’t need a partner to make a camera module).

The results of a poll absolutely don’t guarantee that Xiaomi will work with Hasselblad in the future. No doubts as a prestigious company as Hasselblad would bring additional value for the products and could be a powerful marketing hint.

This is just an indicator of Xiaomi’s mood fans. However, most likely we will witness an interesting collaboration sooner or later.

Which company you would choose? Let us know in the comments!

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